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The Bishop of Edmonton invites applications for the position of Incumbent of St. John the Evangelist in Edmonton

St. John the Evangelist (SJE) is a large community that is richly diverse and complex. As one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Edmonton it serves a broad multi-generational community that includes a vibrant children’s ministry and a robust youth ministry. The parishioners come from many racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

SJE is a family of established believers who are eager to learn and mature. The parish has a rich tradition of teaching, including strong educational and Bible Study groups, as well as active prayer ministries.

SJE is a vibrant, Spirit-led community of disciples looking to grow in service to the Body of Christ and the world around them. They have more that 25 unique and distinct ministries that focus on “Looking Up” – supporting worship and the parishioners’ relationship with God; “Looking In” – focusing on the health of the community and the individuals within it; and “Looking Out” – ministries that advance the Kingdom of God by being agents of restoration and healing (Matthew 25) and inviting people to encounter Jesus (Matthew 28).

The qualities of the Rector they seek include:

  • Excellence in Teaching: a strong preacher who can challenge their depth of understanding of scripture and stretch their awareness of how they can live out God’s word in their lives.
  • Gifted in Encouraging: The size and diversity of the congregation means that nurturing at a variety of different phases and stages of life is essential. As the ministry of SJE involves a team, this means the Rector must excel in leading, guiding, and cheerleading others.
  • Discerning at Delegating: A sizeable team of talented paid and volunteer disciples is key to SJE. The Rector will need to be able to discern how best to marshal the members of this team.
  • Crafts Consensus Building: the SJE community includes a diversity of opinions and convictions and the Rector needs to be skilled at identifying common ground and helping others to listen and discern as well.

For the full parish profile click here. If you feel you are being called to help SJE to grow in discipleship, foster impactful ministries, and extend their missional outreach to reflect God’s light into our world, please contact:

Sarah Kemp, Assistant to the Bishop
[email protected]
For information on how to submit a complete application.


Closing date: June 24th, 2024

To apply for this job email your details to