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  • July 15, 2022

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Parish Profile:

Trinity Anglican Church is a vibrant community of faith striving to help people grow in their relationship with God by connecting spiritual journeys… Trinity has historically had one of the finest church music programs in York Region. It includes an adult and youth choir, an orchestra, a handbell choir and an acoustic folk band.


The Director of Music Ministries is responsible for the creation, implementation and smooth running of a robust music program at Trinity Church, Aurora (Trinity).  This position requires a love of music and a love for people of all ages and life circumstances.  The position is vital to the growth of Trinity. While the primary role of the Director of Music Ministries is to shepherd the music program of the parish, there is a current need for an individual with enthusiasm and drive, focussed on developing and growing the program.  The successful candidate will also be expected to:

  • work within a liturgical team to provide leadership to help members of the parish and the wider community deepen their faith through the integration of liturgy, music, education and teaching;
  • have a solid Anglican sacred music background, along with a wide range of contemporary musical styles and genres;
  • manage, lead and grow our two established choirs and orchestra;
  • be a competent keyboardist/organist, choir director and conductor of instruments;
  • be responsible for using their musical talents, time, experience and energy to the glory of God through leading the music ministries at Trinity;
  • be a confident, trusted, skilled, highly proficient, energetic and efficient individual with an exceptional, willing and cooperative spirit;
  • to seamlessly blend with the clergy and the church staff’s work ethic, offering excellent effort and attitude.



  • Develop and execute a plan designed to grow choir membership. Plans should be concrete, and progress will be shared in a monthly meeting with the Incumbent. Strategies may include personal invitations, school partnerships, volunteer offerings, advertising outside of the church, articles in print about the choir, or visiting musicians. A “recruitment drive” within the church and within the choir itself may be helpful, as will promotion at other choral events;
  • Conduct investigatory meetings with Trinity Unplugged, & Handbells to develop and implement a common plan, taking into consideration their needs and availability;
  • Liaise with all current volunteers in the music program to develop their interests and key roles in a clearly planned structure for the coming year;
  • Liaise with the media relations team at the church to ensure recordings of pieces for the website, promotional pages and “on hold” phone system;
  • Empower and motivate the choir and all those involved in the music program;
  • Develop and discuss a progressive budget for the wardens to consider, based on the proposed growth and development plan.


Strategic Direction of Music

The Director of Music Ministries participates in the strategic planning process of the parish and provides guidance to the development of a comprehensive music program for the parish and wider community, including:

  • Sourcing new material, and exploring the innovative incorporation of voices and instrumentalists into the worship liturgies;
  • Providing opportunities to enable vocal participation in worship – both those of the congregation and the choirs;
  • Incorporating innovative styles of worship, music, drama, dance and Church School involvement in liturgies;
  • In consultation with the Incumbent, who has the final say, selecting appropriate music for all worship, including instrumental and vocal selections;
  • Welcoming and nurturing the involvement of the wider community of Aurora in our music program.

Research and Liturgical Planning

The Director of Music Ministries works within a liturgical team and provides suitable music recommendations for the weekly liturgies:

  • Researching and evaluating new material from publishers, choosing hymns and congregational music that is mindful of the tradition of the church as well as innovative and contemporary;
  • Exploring and choosing innovative material (ancient and modern repertoire);
  • Maintaining the music library, and obtaining licenses for using music from publishers;
  • Auditioning and managing contracts with musicians and instrument tuners;
  • Contributing to the planning and execution of intergenerational services;
  • Reviewing and evaluating the interest in and feasibility of different styles of alternative worship ;
  • Plans and prepares musical faith development programs and events.

Musical Competencies

  • Ability to play the piano and organ – ability to play other instruments would be an asset;
  • Knowledge of and experience in a wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns) and non-traditional music;
  • Ability to produce and direct special events, musicals and programs;
  • An awareness and understanding of musical computer software;
  • Experience with, and an understanding of, the technical aspects of non-traditional services (e.g. sound equipment, theatre lights etc.) would be an asset.

Rehearsals and Worship Services

Takes responsibility for:

  • Scheduling and conducting regular rehearsals for choirs and other music groups;
  • Planning rehearsals to ensure wise use of time and talent of the musicians;
  • Playing the organ and/or piano and conducting the choirs for 2 to 3 Sunday services weekly;
  • Providing musical leadership for special services (including but not limited to:  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Holy Days and Holy Week);
  • Playing and/or directing singers/musicians for weddings and funerals;
  • Attending Church School occasionally to introduce new songs and music;
  • Recruiting and auditioning guest musicians as required.


Responsible for:

  • Participating in staff meetings; liturgical season planning meetings; and other meetings relating to music worship within the parish;
  • Organizing and maintaining Trinity’s music library and securing all required licensing agreements;
  • Ensuring timely submissions to the Incumbent and Administrator and others responsible for weekly bulletins and regular communications
  • Communicating with and overseeing the activities of appointed leaders for the various music programs undertaken at Trinity;
  • Developing and managing the annual music budget including the maintenance and repair of musical instruments;
  • Preparing a report on the overall music ministry for the annual Vestry Report.

Qualifications & Characteristics:

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the laity, expressed through music;
  • The creativity, drive, and enthusiasm to be part of a project focussed on growth and innovation;
  • A minimum of three years of choral, organ and music leadership experience in the Anglican Church of Canada or in an equivalent relevant setting;
  • Superior playing skills on piano and pipe organ, and be knowledgeable in both traditional and contemporary music;
  • A flexible approach to enable adaptation to changing ministry needs and be able to serve a theologically diverse community;
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to relate well with volunteers and staff;
  • The ability to work effectively in a collaborative and multi‐disciplinary team setting;
  • Strong organization and decision-making skills.

Hours of work

  • The Director of Music Ministries position is a 20 hour per week position; with pension, as well as benefits subsidized on a sliding scale.
  • Hours may be flexible and will be determined in consultation with the Incumbent;
  • The Director of Music Ministries is expected to be at the church one day per week for consultation with the Incumbent, every Thursday evening for choir practice and every Sunday morning for choir rehearsal and worship.


  • Vacation time is provided in accordance with the Employment Standards Act and by agreement with the Incumbent;
  • The Director of Music Ministries is responsible for finding a replacement when absent;
  • Vacation time will not be granted for the following time periods:
    1. The week before Easter (including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday)
    2. The week before Christmas (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)
    3. Thanksgiving Weekend

Payroll Status

  • The Director of Music Ministries is a salaried employee;
  • The position will be filled on the basis of a renewable contract which will include an initial probationary period of six months.  At the end of the probationary period a review will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the applicant and the position.  At the end of the probationary period the employment agreement may either be extended or terminated without further obligation by Trinity or by the successful applicant;
  • Paid bi-weekly with necessary employee statutory deductions;
  • Salary commensurate with experience.

Date Prepared: May 29th, 2022

A letter of introduction, resume and references accepted electronically to: [email protected]

Closing date:  July 15th, 2022


To apply for this job email your details to priest@trinityaurora.ca